The release of Skyblock Ice is finally here! we've put in so much work into the server and here is the trailer announcing just a few of the many features we have on the server! Upload the trailer for free rewards or maybe even the youtuber rank, check the trailer description for requirements! We're gonna be doing many more announcements showing off our features day by day, we hope to see you guys on the release and we hope you're just as hyped as we are! IP:

Hey guys, Prison is releasing this Saturday at 3PM EST so make sure you hop on!

We'll be making a big post here soon with info and videos on the server :)
Skyblock fire & ice and Factions has been put down to be reset, we will keep you updated when they next release! Everything will be back soon!

Prison is being released soon too, check it out in the hub!
1 - Divine ($50)
2 - Crew ($35)
3 - TeamLegit ($25)

1 - askingbicyle ($30)
2 - pjedo ($20)
3 - janhermann123 ($15)

This is all buycraft for (no sale on buycraft). Message me here or via Discord what you would like for your winnings! thanks :)
we're now called OxiusPvP and Skyblock has reset! come join! we're gonna be using starting tomorrow :)
Sellwands are currently disabled due to some bugs. They will be back in the near future so everyone who bought one has been given an Ultimate crate key for the time being. I hope you understand.

We're also getting more staff so you'll see them soon in game being active :)

Currently 20% off sale on the store too